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Path, by Wearingeul

Arguably, one of the most interesting new ink brands is South-Korean Wearingeul. With their series of ink, based on literary themes, they are certainly making a name for themselves. Recently, I bought a few of their inks and tested them. The first one is Path,  from The Color of Literature Project No. 4. A delightful olive green ink, in a beautiful, simple glass bottle. Perfect for personal notes and correspondence. The shimmer makes it less suitable for office in my opinion.When using at least a medium nib, the color and shading come out best.  I have tried the ink on both Tomoe River and Clairefontaine (Triomphe) paper. Stephen King quotes. The ink behaved flawlessly, with a wonderful flow.  Tomoe River 52g Clairefontaine Triomph Drying time is a bit slow, 40 seconds on the Clairefontaine and roughly a minute on the Tomoe River.  Water will ruin your writing, but the ink will remain somewhat legible.  The full characteristics: Featherin