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Vert Atlantide, Herbin 350

  A new Herbin in the 350 series. Medium dark green with silver shimmer. Not an ink to use in the office, but certainly an ink to use in personal correspondence like postcards and brief notes.  The ink behaves quite well, the shading is beautiful, but lubrication could be a little bit better. Especially for a Herbin ink it's quite dry. Drying time - even on Tomoe River 52g paper - was only 35 seconds. Don't let water come near to your writings, only the shimmer has some water resistance.  The other characteristics: Feathering None Shading Moderate - high Show through Negligible Wetness Dry-Moderate Lubrication Could be better Shimmer/sheen Silver shimmer Price/ml € 0,44 Vert Atlantide reminded me of Moss Green (Graf van Faber Caste